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X-Hunters - EP1

The Rising Sun
12 Min

By meWATCH Published: 31 Mar 2020 Audio: English

The once sleepy community of Greengrove is changed forever with the announcement that it will be the next setting for TerraHunt, a breakout hit AR game where players hunt for virtual treasure. From the suburban streets to the local planetarium, the augmented reality treasure hunting app will turn the town into the playing field itself. But there is one difference – this will be the first sponsored TerraHunt competition where a real world treasure is hidden somewhere in the game map ! As teams journey to Greengrove for a chance to compete for the grand prize hidden within Mission X, local teenager and top gamer Sun, 16, sees an opportunity to become a champion on the world stage, and break free from her small town. After recruiting tech prodigy Manny, 12, and gentle giant TK, 15, these unlikely underdogs find themselves thrust into a world of high stakes, ground breaking technology, and mysterious conspiracies. Yet as they battle local and professional teams for a chance at the lucrative treasure said to be buried under the town’s spooky forest, they realise they’re not just playing for a grand prize: they’re playing for the future of Greengrove.

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