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Super Dad 男神不败

Super Dad 男神不败 - EP25

46 Min
Some Violence

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Sep 2020 Audio: Chinese

Ah Jin abducts Yu Yang, Yu Xin and Hui Ying to threaten Wei Hao to use his supernatural powers to steal money from the bank. Wei Hao decides to eat the chocolate to save the kids. Ying Hao appears and snatches it away ! Thankfully, Ling Zhi has the piece of chocolate which she secretly swapped over previously. Will Wei Hao be able to save his kids and can the side effects be prevented ? 阿金绑架育洋、育芯和慧颖,威胁伟豪等利用超能力去银行拿钱来赎人。伟豪决定吃下巧克力去救孩子,不料英豪突然出现,将巧克力抢走!幸好灵芝在手提袋中发现一颗当初她偷偷换掉的巧克力,拿给众人。伟豪等是否能救出孩子,巧克力的副作用能否解除?

Super Dad 男神不败
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