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Steady Lah!

Steady Lah! - EP1

Tour Guide for a Day
22 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 28 Mar 2017 Audio: English

Singapore – a colonial trading port that has grown into a 21st Century global hub. Then and now, Singapore continues to attract people from all over the world. As of today, some forty percent of the population are foreigners. Given this figure, it is all the more important that locals and foreigners integrate well to make Singapore a better home ! In this pilot episode, hosts Rosalyn Lee and Bobby Tonelli invite two foreign friends to take part in discovering Singapore. The first is Indian national Saraswati Dattar, wife, mother of a 2 year old girl and writer – residing in Singapore now for some five years. Her fellow participant is Allan Simonsen, married to a Singaporean girl, father and game designer. Allan has been living in Singapore for 16 years. The show starts at Balestier where both participants must go on a photo-quest. Their task is to see the sights and sample what this old district has to offer. After this initiation, Saras and Allan undergo a “tour-guide” lesson at Katong. Under the watchful eye and guidance of a professional tour guide - Catherine, they pick up some of the things they must do if they were to conduct a tour. And finally, the challenge: Saras and Allan are given only one night to prepare their respective itineraries in Chinatown. With Rozz, Bobby, Catherine and her daughter tagging along, both participants must impress with their “must-see and must-try” places and things of Chinatown.

Steady Lah!
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