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#StayHomeCookOff 宅星刀叉战

#StayHomeCookOff 宅星刀叉战 - EP1

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 May 2020 Audio: Chinese

The first episode pitches celebrities Chen Hanwei and Vivian Lai against each other. Their challenge is to whip up a tasty dish using chicken meat and other ingredients that they can find in their kitchens. Hanwei admits that he doesn't really cook, so does that mean Vivian will have the upper hand ? 第一集的厨艺PK赛,迎来了两位超级红星 陈汉玮和赖怡伶,他们的挑战是用指定食材“鸡肉”配搭家里现有的材料,煮出一道“宅星料理”,到底他们的厨艺如何?谁的厨艺作品更胜一筹?平时极少下厨的汉玮,又会带给大家怎样的惊喜?敬请期待两位宅星的厨艺刀叉战!

#StayHomeCookOff 宅星刀叉战
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