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On The Red Dot 2016

On The Red Dot 2016 - EP38

Fri 3 Feb 2017 - It Takes A Village
22 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 03 Feb 2017 Audio: English

‘It takes a village’ explores the community which helps downtrodden individuals get back on their feet. Through interviews with these individuals and the people around them, the series illustrates how having a strong support system can help change people for the better. In this episode, ‘Kevin’, not his real name shares the story of how he was charged with a sexual offence when he was 16. Shortly after serving the punishment for his first offence, he was charged again with a second sexual offence at 18. He explains what went through his mind as it happened, and reveal the troubling lead-up to his sexual-preoccupation. We also talk to the people who supported him after the incident- his caring mother, psychologist, best friend, and probation officer, who all played crucial roles in helping him mend his ways. ‘Kevin’ and his ‘village’ have chosen to share this story in the hope that others see that their troubled past need not define their future. “It Takes a Village” debuts this Friday, 3rd February @ 9.30pm on Channel 5, in On The Red Dot.

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