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On The Red Dot 2016

On The Red Dot 2016 - EP16

Fri 22 Ju1 2016 - Science of Things
21 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 22 Jul 2016 Audio: English

Science is all around us. From engineering marvels, to cutting-edge technology and innovative systems. The series host, Paul Foster, goes on a journey to find out more about the science of sports. Paul meets up with Dirk Scheuenberg who was previously coaching in the German Bundesliga league. He currently works with the Home United team and has arranged for a series of test for Paul to gauge his speed, agility as well as heart rate. Through this test, he finds out more about how data gathering and analysis has improved the team’s performance at not only Home United Football Club but for the Singapore Slingers too. WIth all this knowledge in hand, it is time for Paul to meet up with Professor Newton, an expert in health science. Prof Newton explains how even though genetics play an important part in athletic ability, sportsmen who are proper nurtured can also reach a certain level of ability. He also shares his thoughts on the future of sports science with the rapid technological advancements in society, espe-cially in the field of robotics, wearable sensors and the stimulation of the human brain. Catch “THE SCIENCE OF THINGS”, On The Red Dot, on Friday @ 9.30pm on Channel 5.

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