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Old Is Gold 老友万岁

Old Is Gold 老友万岁 - EP58

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

Sister Mi and Danny come to Old Zhou's coffee shop to cause trouble. They scare off the customers and cause Old Zhou to be fired. Old Zhou insists on not compensating for the phone, and Danny agitatedly initiates a fight. During their conflict, Old Zhou realises that the pendant Danny is wearing is familiar, but just as he is about to ask Danny, Ping Pong arrives to help him chase them away. Old Zhou is troubled, and he tells Ping Pong that he suspects that Danny is his estranged grandson. 咪姐和Danny故意来老周的咖啡店捣乱,吓走了顾客,害老周被解雇。老周坚决不肯赔偿手机的钱,Danny激动想打人,纠缠间老周发现Danny身上戴着的牌十分眼熟,正想追问,Ping Pong出现解围,赶走咪姐等人。老周心事重重,告知Ping Pong他怀疑Danny可能是他失散的孙子。

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