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Old Is Gold 老友万岁

Old Is Gold 老友万岁 - EP32

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 08 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

Xin Xin finds out that Uncle Lottery anxiously wants to win the lottery as he wants to raise money for Ping Pong to start a business. She meets Ping Pong at the food court when he is delivering meals, and finds out that he has been secretly taking on part time jobs to earn more money. When she witnesses him being chased by thugs, she learns that he has returned to his old job as a debt collecter. Xin Xin cant bear to see Ping Pong in this situation, so she unconditionally lends him money to start his business. 欣欣得知马票叔急于中彩票,是想筹钱给Ping Pong做生意。她在食阁撞见Ping Pong准备去送餐,得知他原来偷偷兼职赚钱,又目睹他遭大汉追打,才知他又做回收债的老本行。欣欣于心不忍,提出愿无条件借钱给Ping Pong做生意……。

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