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Love At Cavenagh Bridge加文纳桥的约定

Love At Cavenagh Bridge加文纳桥的约定 - EP3

18 Min

By meWATCH Published: 21 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese

"Seven Years" Jia Ming and Wan Jun were married for seven years before their marriage fell victim to infidelity. Before they signed the divorce papers, Wan Jun decided to give Jia Ming a chance, by promising to meet him again one month later on Cavenagh Bridge, the place where their love blossomed, to relive the happy moments they once had. If by then, Wan Jun is still unable to forgive Jia Ming, he will accept the divorce. At the same place, but in a different time, with a different feeling, will they be able to rekindle the flame of their love, and salvage their marriage ? 家明和婉君始终敌不过七年之痒,婚姻濒临破裂。在签字前,婉君答应家明,给他一个月的时间,回到加纹纳桥上,重温两人七年来反而各个重要日子。如果一个月后,婉君仍然无法重新接受家明,他就会欣然签字。同样的地方,不同的时间,不同的心境,两夫妻还能重新种植这株“爱的幼苗”吗?

Love At Cavenagh Bridge加文纳桥的约定
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