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I want to be a Star 小咖大作战

I want to be a Star 小咖大作战 - EP6

24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 19 Sep 2016 Audio: Chinese

Edgar开始对高媚有感觉,这天拍戏时,期待和他演情侣的是高媚,看到是肥妹,暗暗失望。狄龙和美仪演情侣,Edgar和肥妹演另外一对情侣。四人要穿着厚厚的冬装扮洋人,等了又等,汗流浃背。Edgar发现他的僵尸舞很多人点击,非常开心。狄龙找导演理论,指出室内有暖气,他们应该脱下冬装才对,导演一阳接受他的意见。大天远处见到,对儿子的认真感到欣慰。宝宝得知没有被提名最佳女主角,无比失望,大天看在眼里,很是同情。大天叫儿子拿醒酒的食物给宝宝,宝宝对狄龙倾吐她的无奈和悲哀。Edgar、狄龙和美仪去看电影,发现他们都特别会注意电影里的咖喱菲。 Edgar is slowly falling for Gao Mei. He looks forward to act as a couple with her, but gets hit with disappointment when Fei Mei turns up instead. Di Long, Mei Yi, Edgar and Fei Mei perspire profusely in their thick, winter clothing while playing as Caucasian couples. Meanwhile, Edgar fails to contain his excitement after learning that his zombie dance video is going viral. Di Long reasons that it will only make sense to remove their layers of winter clothing since there should be heater indoors, to which the director agrees. Da Tian, who watches from afar, is proud to see how much his son has grown. Bao Bao is devastated as she falls out of the Best Actress nomination list. Da Tian shows sympathy and asks Di Long to bring Bao Bao some food to aid her hangover. Bao Bao seeks solace in Di Long. Edgar, Di Long and Mei Yi go out on a movie date, and realise how they have started taking notice of calefares in the film.

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