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Here's to Health S11 健康在于你 11

Here's to Health S11 健康在于你 11 - EP1

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 23 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

In Singapore, one in every five children has asthma. In the first episode of this new season, let's follow our host Lin Peifen as she seeks to understand more about asthma and eczema. Local celebrity and mother, Kate Pang will also join in the discussion. They will join forces in speaking with a medical specialist in finding out the causes and prevention of these two types of common pediatric diseases. Professor Lee will also share with us, the benefits of probiotics in the management of these two pediatric diseases. 在新加坡,每五个孩子之中,就有一个患有哮喘。在新系列的第一集节目里,就随着节目主持人林佩芬去探讨小儿哮喘与湿疹,这两种常见的小儿过敏疾病。艺人妈妈,庞蕾馨也将参与这集的讨论,一起去请教医生要怎么去照顾并预防这两种常见小儿疾病。李元昆博士也将分享益生菌对于这两种小儿疾病的好处。

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