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Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼

Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼 - EP11

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jul 2019 Audio: Hokkien

The Happy folks have been bickering over small matters but fortunately, kind neighbours are here to mediate ! Lobang Queen finally meets her getai good friend Marcus Chin whom she will be bringing to look for great deals. This weeks lobang is bound to be an eye-opener and an ideal place for our local uncles to hang out ! 近来欢喜街的街坊为了一点小事而起了争执,幸好有好心的邻居帮忙解决纠纷!Lobang Queen终于遇上歌台好友陈建彬一起去找lobang。这一集lobang场面壮观,适合本地uncle们带着儿子孙子一同去玩哦!

Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼
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