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Good Food on Sunday 食来运转

Good Food on Sunday 食来运转 - EP6

Finale 大结局
46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 19 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

In our last episode let's meet with 6 well known DJs and hosts. A table full of Chinese New Year Bakkwa and pork floss cuisine prepare by our 3 World Champion Award chef. 来到节目的尾声,到场的挑战嘉宾是大家熟悉的男女名嘴,能言善道又能吃的他们,会用哪些方法为自己争取得分呢?为了迎合过年的气氛,觅食三剑客为大家预备了满桌肉干、肉松料理,让大家开开心心过大年!

Good Food on Sunday 食来运转
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