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Fun with SINGnese 新语研究所

Fun with SINGnese 新语研究所 - EP3

44 Min

By Channel U Published: 23 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Fun with SINGnese is an infotainment series that explores the origins of local Chinese/Dialect words and how they have been passed down till now. This episode discusses how the terms Da Pai (block), Tee Go (lascivious man), Pia Chwee (gang fights) came about and traces the meaning of Toa Payoh. 《新语研究所》是富有趣味性的资讯节目,和大家轻松谈论新加坡的独特华语及方言词汇。为什么政府组屋的列号称为大牌?为什么我们称好色的男人为猪哥?为什么帮派械斗叫做拼水? 大巴窑原本指的是什么?

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