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Forgotten Youths 边缘青年

Forgotten Youths 边缘青年 - EP4

47 Min

By Channel U Published: 27 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

Forgotten Youth (Intellectual and Physical Disabled Youth. China) Born with deformed hands and abandoned by parents, Tian Er Bao is a talented mouth and foot artist with big dreams for orphans. Suffering from moderate to severe autism, the parents of Dai Yuan Chao and Dai Hong Yu are relieved to send them to a special school that will take care of them for life.边缘青年(心智及体障青年。中国) 出生时双手畸形被父母遗弃,在孤儿院长大的天二宝,努力用嘴和双脚学画,坚持以绘画为孤儿院的孩子创造希望。戴源超和戴宏宇患有中重度自闭症,终身无法独立生活。善工家园将照顾两人直到终老,让父母放下心中大石。

Forgotten Youths 边缘青年
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