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Eat Already? S4 吃饱没?4

Eat Already? S4 吃饱没?4 - EP1

Blast Back to the Past 时光奇迹倒流
24 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

In the year 2048, a geomagnetic storm transports Ah Tan thirty years back into the past, where he comes face to face with his younger self — Ah Bee. Realising that this is his chance to change his destiny, he resolves to help the young Ah Bee find love. Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Choo’s daughter Swee Hoon returns from Australia with her son Oliver. During dinner, Mrs Choo expresses her desire to set her unwed daughter up with potential suitors. Eager to move out of her parents' place, Swee Hoon accepts a job offer from an old friend. Ah Tan在2048年的一场磁暴中穿越时空,回到30年前,遇到了年轻时的自己——Ah Bee。他意识到这将会是他改写命运的机会,决心要帮Ah Bee牵起姻缘的红线。同时,朱夫妇的女儿瑞云带着儿子Oliver从澳大利亚回国。一家人吃晚餐的时候,朱太太想为单亲的瑞云介绍有潜质的交往对象。由于瑞云急着搬出父母的家,于是接受了老朋友提供的工作机会。

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