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By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃

By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃 - EP1

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 07 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Denise is a mother of four, including Ryan, 22, who has autism. Ryan was two when his preschool teacher shared her suspicions that he could have autism. Back then, information was limited and very fragmented, and there were few experts here in Singapore. Through all these years, Denise learnt to accept and went on a rampage to find all the support her son needed. While his speech is still delayed, he made progress in other areas, such as his behaviour. Determined to help create a life of independence for Ryan, she founded "The Mustard Tree", which trains young artisans with special needs and has evolved into an online and bricks-and-mortar store. She's on a mission to raise awareness and acceptance of autism and the differently abled here in Singapore, and help others like Ryan find their sense of self-worth.罗淑英有4个孩子。老二Ryan出生时就跟一般的婴儿无异,直到18个月之后,她发现儿子很安静,也不喜欢跟人接触。后来幼教班的老师也感觉不妥,建议让Ryan作进一步的检查。当医生告知淑英,怀疑Ryan有自闭症时,她完全无法接受,也茫然无措,因为那个年代对于自闭症的资讯很有限,她不知道应该怎么办,或到哪里求助。幸亏有家人和丈夫的支持,淑英慢慢整理自己的情绪,而后不断的想方设法去帮助自己的孩子。一路跌跌撞撞,一路的摸索,过程很煎熬,但是她一心只想着要让Ryan学习基本的沟通和自理的能力,她不厌其烦的重复了又重复。现年22岁的Ryan会懂得自己下厨,会做手工艺,简单的阅读和算术都不成问题,这都是妈妈长年教导的成果。淑英还在去年成立的一家社会企业,针对有特殊需求的孩子,让他们学习各项手工艺。她希望通过不同的管道,让社会人士对于这些孩子有更多的认识,更多的包容。

By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃
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