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Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人 - EP9

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

A series of intensive trainings are lined up for DJ trainees, Sin Nee and Amos, including language skills, trailer writing, programme planning and interviews etc. During the trainings, their strengths and weaknesses become more obvious. Who among the both of them has the ability, and is better suited to be a radio DJ ? Would the other trainee be able to catch up ? Stay tuned ! 自从电台DJ练习生歆霓和新豪报到后,一系列由多位资深DJ亲自指导的密集训练也随即展开!其中就包括了语言表达技巧、节目预告撰写、节目企划、广播剧训练、新闻播报与人物专访等等。过程中两人的优缺点渐渐显露出来,究竟谁更具实力?谁又在第一次跟班实习就迟到?敬请继续锁定!

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人
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