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A Jungle Survivor 森林生存记

A Jungle Survivor 森林生存记 - EP13

45 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

Ruo Qi shows signs of pregnancy and words start to spread within the company about Yong Xi and her getting back together. Upon hearing the rumours, Yong Xi cannot help but to ask Ruo Qi if she really is pregnant. She makes Yong Xi believe that she is really pregnant, but expresses that she will abort the baby and not force him to be responsible for it, causing Yong Xi to be shocked. 若琪出现疑似怀孕的征兆,公司再次流言四起,指她与永熙即将复合。永熙听到传言,忍不住问若琪是否怀孕,若琪欲擒故纵,让永熙相信她真的怀孕,但表示会将孩子拿掉,不会逼永熙负责,永熙大惊!

A Jungle Survivor 森林生存记
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