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The Star Voice《寻找星声音》

“The Star Voice” is a radio DJ talent hunt that seeks out aspiring young talents who want to ride the airwaves to be Singapore’s next radio star! Organised by Mediacorp YES 933, LOVE 972 and CAPITAL 958, the competition returns in a brand-new format with an unscripted reality show featuring the Top 9 finalists, who will be guided by experienced mentors – Pan Jiabiao, Dennis Chew and Zhong Kunhua. The finalists will have to conquer nerve-wrecking challenges as they learn to host radio programmes, dub radio dramas, produce radio advertisements and go on live radio! Who will emerge as the winner for a shot at their DJ dreams and stand to walk away with an attractive car prize? The competition is on for the star DJ as Mediacorp continues to discover and nurture Singapore’s next DJ talents!

星光荟聚广播梦,发掘电台"声"力军。新传媒3大中文电台YES 933、LOVE 972及CAPITAL 958联手再度出击,举办DJ选秀大赛《寻找星声音》。比赛强势回归,以真人秀形式进行,从面试中脱颖而出的9强星学员将接受一系列别开“声”面的挑战,包括主持广播节目、声演广播剧及录制电台广告等。面对重重考验,谁能过关斩将?谁将铩羽而归?此外,三大电台的资深DJ潘家镳、周崇庆和钟坤华也将“声”负重任,当起导师为星学员们展开培训。名师护航、 星声超凡,最后夺冠的星学员除了可以实现DJ梦,还能获得一辆豪华汽车!