Streamers Go Live 谁是带货王

Eight personalities comprising of artistes, models and influencers will be competing against each other in a battle of skills and wits in brand new livestreaming e-commerce reality competition “Streamers Go Live”! Maxi Lim, Paul Lee, Ke Le, Shawn Thia, Xixi Lim, Das DD, Tai Tai Chan and Isabelle Quek will be split into two teams, helmed by veteran artistes Captains Mark Lee and Joanne Peh. Who will emerge victorious?

8位各界名人将在全新直播带货实境秀《谁是带货王》中分组进行PK,争夺本地首个直播带货王的殊荣!综艺天王李国煌和视后白薇秀将担任两组艺人嘉宾的队长,参赛的艺人分别是Maxi林俊良、Paul李文坡、阳光可乐、Shawn Thia程家颉、茜茜、Das、Tai Tai Chan和Isabelle。

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