Straight From The Heart - October

“Straight From The Heart” is a three-part anthology of quintessential slices of Singapore set in the heartland. A dark comedy about a serial pet killer on the loose, a poignant tale about two sisters and a story about neighbours who become friends – all the stories are based on written work by Singapore’s well-known writers – all set and inspired by the HDB heartland. The original works that are adapted in this anthology are: Cultural Award recipient Arthur Yap’s poem “2 mothers in a hdb playground”; Haresh Sharma’s play “October” and Wong Swee Hoon’s short story “Of Cats and dogs and HDB Flats”. The three telemovies are directed by award-winning directors K. Rajagopal, Wee Li Lin and Kabir Bhatia. “October” is adapted from award-winning playwright Haresh Sharma’s “October” directed by award-winning director Wee Li Lin. A charming and heartwarming story of friendships forged at an old HDB estate and how they are put to the test when a young real estate agent Caleb (played by Ah Boys to Men’s Joshua Tan) tries to befriend the older women and get them to sell their flats. Also starring in the telemovie are: Koh Chieng Mun, Udaya Soundari, Andrew Lua and theatre veteran Padma Sagaram.

Additional Information

Straight From The Heart - October
Duration65 mins
Parental guidance advised for young children