My Star Bride - Hi, Mai Phương Thảo

It all started with a sham marriage. Vietnamese bride Fang Cao thought reuniting with Shi Jie will give her the fairytale life she has yearned for, but she does not know that Shi Jie's head injury has been gradually affecting his memory. At the same time, the couple's mutual trust is challenged when Xu Wen Wu, Fang Cao's childhood friend from Vietnam, comes between them. 一份假结婚的契约让越南新娘芳草爱上了残疾律师世杰,同时也让她离开了这个深爱她的男人,回到自己的家乡。本以为与世杰破镜重圆重归这片土地,她便能在童话里找到归属。可惜世事难料,芳草并不知道世杰的脑伤早已在慢慢侵蚀他的记忆。与此同时,芳草青梅足马的越南邻居许文武出现,两人同乡情近,小夫妻之间关系陷入僵局。


Additional Information

Duration104 mins
Parental guidance advised for young children