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You Can Be An Angel S2 你也可以是天使 2

You Can Be An Angel S2 你也可以是天使 2 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Dec 2016 Audio: Chinese

The annual charity sports competition is ongoing. The nurses’ team from Ai De Hospital has a high chance of winning. However, they lose when Jiaren and Yaozong step out to perform CPR on Wenhui from the lawyers’ team, who collapses unexpectedly. Jin Siyan, a rookie lawyer, is impressed that the nurses sacrificed victory to save a person’s life. Siyan goes to the hospital where her client, Zhiyuan, wants to force his father, Mingshan, to sign a will, despite having injured his fingers. Siyan is reluctant to assist in the procedure, but Mingshan is so disheartened that he simply stamps his thumbprint onto the documents. Mingshan’s condition worsens and he is placed in the ICU. Ruojun, Jiazi and Longhua manage to resuscitate him. Ruojun trips and sprains her ankle. A seemingly kind-hearted man, A-mu, helps her. Ruojun is startled when she finds her wallet missing. Noticing it in A-mu’s hand, she accuses him of stealing her money. He pretends he is in need of cash, and she gives him $100. A-mu sends flowers to Ruojun at the hospital and returns the $100. She realises she was wrong about him. As a result of attending to a patient, Xinni is late picking her son, Bucuo. Yaozong wants to train Bucuo to be independent and tells him to find his own way home. Xinni does not agree with the way he handles their son. Jiazi and Youle decide to quit their jobs to further their studies. No one can bear to see them leave. Ruojun is on the night shift. Although a patient complained about her earlier, she continues to give her utmost care to her.

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