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Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里

Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 - EP1

43 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Xiu Yu lived a comfortable, lavish life until the sudden death of her husband, Wei De. Her husband’s death greatly affected her and she couldn’t pull herself together. Her daughter Jia Qi is worried about Xiu Yu’s condition and tries to persuade her mother to accompany her overseas while she pursues her studies. Xiu Yu asks her younger brother Wei Kang to manage her house in her absence. Sinking in debt, Wei Kang rents the house to a student from China named Qing Hao and his long-distance relative’s daughter Yu Qin. Xiu Yu returns to Singapore and is shocked that someone is staying in her house. 秀玉是个富太太,原本过着养尊处优的生活,但丈夫韦德突然意外过世,令她遭受沉重打击,萎靡不振。女儿嘉琪担心不已,说服她随自己出国,当陪读妈妈,忘记忧伤。秀玉将洋房交给弟弟维康打理,维康因欠债,将洋房出租给中国留学生庆豪和远房亲戚的女儿育琴。秀玉突然回国,惊见洋房有人入住!

Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里
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