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The Dream Makers S2 志在四方 2

The Dream Makers S2 志在四方 2 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Feb 2016 Audio: Chinese

Lin Tao, the Vice President of the Variety Department, has someone disguised as Yu Fan as a gimmick to boost ratings of the VBS Star Awards. Wei Yun is invited on stage to present an award to the Yu Fan-look-alike. Wei Yun is shocked to see Yu Fan. VBS星光大奖颁奖礼,综艺组高级副总裁林韬为搞噱头, 让人假扮余凡,还突然请薇芸上台,要她颁电视荣耀大奖给他。薇芸乍见去世的余凡现身台上,震惊不已,一时失态,后来才发现这个余凡是假的。

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