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See The World 娃娃看天下

See The World 娃娃看天下 - EP13

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By Channel 8 Published: 01 Nov 2011 Audio: Chinese

See the world through a child's perspective and capture the experiences on camera. Travelling is more than a cursory glance of the surroundings. A deeper insight comes from seeing how children in other countries live, and experiencing the different cultures of the various areas. 从孩子的视野看世界,用镜头纪录下孩子的真实体验!旅游不单是走马看花,玩乐而已。很多时候放眼看看其他地区的孩子们的生活,其他孩子所居住的地区的风土民情,也是另一番体验,也有另一番的感悟。

See The World 娃娃看天下
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