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My One in a Million 我的万里挑一

My One in a Million 我的万里挑一 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 22 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

Yan Shu Yu is the heir to "Li Hong Niang Wedding Services", but she does not have the ability to matchmake, unlike her grandaunt, the founder of the family business. Shu Yu uses her intelligence and eloquence to matchmake Alex and Mable, promising them a blissful marriage. Her words leave a good impression on Kent, who is the executive producer of a matchmaking TV show. While heading to the TV station to watch the filming of the matchmaking TV show, Shu Yu accidentally offended the producer Yang Ding Yi when they bumped into each other...... 严书彧是“李红娘喜铺”继承人,却没有当年创办人姨婆那样有看穿男女姻缘的能力。书彧凭着小聪明和口才,评断热恋男女Alex和Mable有美好姻缘,她的言谈令电视台相亲节目监制Kent留下好印象。书彧到电视台观看相亲节目录影,因与编导杨定一相撞而结怨……。

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