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My Guardian Angels 单翼天使

My Guardian Angels 单翼天使 - EP1

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Mandy is a rich housewife who goes around flaunting her wealth to other rich housewives. Her husband, Xie Zhi Hong, who is a lawyer, unexpectedly goes bankrupt and intends to run away with his mistress after selling all his properties. Mandy went to the airport to reason with Zhi Hong, hoping to move him, in hopes that he will change his mind but he suddenly falls to the ground ! Mandy 是个养尊处优的富太太,生活重心便是游走于上流社会的富太太之间,彼此炫富。不料律师丈夫谢志鸿破产,变卖物业后准备和小三远走高飞。Mandy追到机场与志鸿理论,动之以情,想让他回心转意,志鸿却突然倒地不起!

My Guardian Angels 单翼天使
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