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Limited Edition 我是限量版

Limited Edition 我是限量版 - EP1

My Immortal Boyfriend
13 Min

By meWATCH Published: 10 Jan 2019 Audio: Chinese

Realizing that emptiness is a common illness among modern people, Businessman Gao Ao starts a rental shop that puts humans on lease. His “products” are of various types and encompass different qualities. For instance, one is flawed and emotionally vulnerable, another is so ugly that the people around her with average looks end up looking great, while another is an exotic product that emits an aura of classiness. Meanwhile, Gao Ao himself is a limited edition that is hardly ever put up on lease. One day, Camilla appears to rent a boyfriend, and requests that he must act like an immortal vampire. In the process of executing his duties, Louis realizes how creepy Camilla is. Not only does she eat pills for meals, she is also infatuated with the lifestyles of vampires. As he is asked to act like her, Louis ends up drinking blood, consuming raw meat, and sleeping in the coffin with Camilla. However, in the middle of the night, Camilla wakes up and cries pitifully. Louis soon realizes that a deep and long scar is stretched across her waist… 商人高傲瞄准心灵空虚是现代人的通病,自创一家以“人”作为商品的出租店。他经营旗下的“商品”,各有千秋和特色,像是有瑕疵,容易受伤的促销品;丑得惊天动地,能凸显他人美丽的畅销品;贵气十足、品质保证的舶来品;而高傲则是多年未出江湖,拥有很多杀手锏的限量品。 有天,客户Camilla前来出租男友,并要求对方扮演永生的吸血鬼。 在执行过程中, Louis发现Camilla行为诡异,她把药丸当饭吃,对吸血鬼的生活型态情有独钟,Louis时而需要陪睡棺材,时而需要陪她喝鲜血吃生肉,她还会在深夜人静时偷偷哭泣,腰间还有一道长长的疤痕……

Limited Edition 我是限量版
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