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Let's Cook 全民新煮艺

Let's Cook 全民新煮艺 - EP13

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By Channel 8 Published: 01 Oct 2013 Audio: Chinese

An info-educational series that introduces the culture and lifestyle of people living in Singapore. Through the mini cooking competition in every episode, viewers will also be able to learn about the food cultures of different races and celebrate our cultural diversity. 《全民新煮艺》节目宗旨 - 新加坡是个多元种族的社会,所谓民以食为天,希望通过口腹食餍,让新移民以及在本地生活的外籍人士,以各自的传统食物,饮食习俗,让我们进一步了解它国的饮食文化,并与本土饮食文化相互交融,透过轻松烹饪比赛的游戏形式,消除隔阂,愉悦相处.

Let's Cook 全民新煮艺
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