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Kampong Konkrit

Kampong Konkrit - EP1

46 Min

By CNA Published: 07 Sep 2020 Audio: English

When Singapore shuts down, six everyday heroes step up to help their neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. From nationwide quarantine to national celebration, they uplift communities with compassion and resilience, proving that the kampong spirit shines brightest in dark times. Mae Tan recovered from COVID-19 and started an online initiative to connect vulnerable residents with volunteer befrienders. Kee Sek Soon, a businessman and grassroots leader, installed over 200 hand sanitisers throughout Fengshan. Tan Chee Wee, a schoolteacher and volunteer policeman, sacrificed his holidays to keep communities safe. Nizar Mohd Shariff and his charity distributed food to thousands of migrant workers and needy residents. Rahimah Rahim volunteered to ration food to her neighbours from the community fridge under her block. U. K. Shyam, a former athlete and teacher, volunteered to help students level up by distributing refurbished laptops to students in need.

Kampong Konkrit
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