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I'm Madam!

I'm Madam! - EP1

23 Min

By meWATCH Published: 08 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

Pepper is a struggling social media influencer who is trying very hard to be famous but her career/ popularity just isn’t taking off. After her boyfriend, Hulk breaks up with her, Pepper gets even more agitated when she later learns that Hulk actually dumped her for a regular female officer, He Xinyi. She soon decides to join the army as an attempt to win back Hulk as well as a publicity attempt to bring in army followers to her channel. Pepper是个失败的Influencer,失败到要去代言老人纸尿布。Pepper的男友Hulk这时和她提出分手,将Pepper更推入谷底。为了调查原因,Pepper找了自己和Hulk的好友,建东,要问个清楚。建东后来告知Hulk喜欢的是军官何欣怡,Pepper更是难受。Pepper最后决定当兵,增加她的follower,为了自己的事业,也为了能够让Hulk回心转意。

I'm Madam!
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