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House of Fortune 钱来运转

House of Fortune 钱来运转 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Mar 2016 Audio: Chinese

Qian Renjie and his sister, Meiling, dream about a witch and the God of Fortune. Renjie’s wife, Luo Shuping, is tickled when he relates his dream. She is pleased she has upgraded her home from a HDB flat to a condominium unit. Meiling likes to take pictures and post them online. Her husband, Wu Guolun, who is a taxi driver, loves to daydream about a career in music. He suspects she is having an affair with Kenny, an air steward, but later realises she has merely asked him to buy designer bags for her. Meiling is unhappy Shuping has bought a condo unit before she has. Guolun dreams of setting up a music company with Lawrence and makes plans to borrow money from Renjie. Meiling reminds him not to have designs on their home. Gao Lidi is at the beauty salon where Shuping works when she overhears Shuping talking about Renjie’s new idea for a sales pitch. When she joins Renjie’s company as a consultant, she uses his idea as her own and clinches a deal. Renjie’s daughter, Ningning, does not get a place in the local law faculty and hopes to go overseas. Apprehensive because of the high cost, Renjie turns down Guolun’s request for a loan. Shuping and Meiling pit their children against each other. Shuping is peeved when Meiling buys her a television set via an installment plan and only makes the first payment. Renjie is worried about his job. He remembers that in the past, Lidi was forced to leave after being promoted to creative director. Bobby goes around the landed property estate to collect old goods and is spooked by an old photograph of Gao Laoshi and his late wife.

House of Fortune 钱来运转
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