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Hear U Out 权听你说

Hear U Out 权听你说 - EP20

Eleanor Lee Part 1
35 Min

By meWATCH Published: 09 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

This may be Yifong's most difficult interview in her career - her daughter. Eleanor's acting career in China took off without a hitch, her skyrocketing popularity also gaining her many fans. What is her motivation for trying to carve a career overseas ? Eleanor once had difficulties in learning, how was she able to attain top marks in her art school's entrance exam ? 访问女儿是怡凤主持有史以来的最大挑战。凯馨在中国影视圈发展如鱼得水,累积众多海内外粉丝,人气扶摇直上。她拼命往外闯证明自己的真正原因是什么?天生我才必有用,曾有学习障碍的她,又如何在艺考突破重围,拿下好名次?

Hear U Out 权听你说
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