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Fresh Takes! S2 Fresh!新登场2

Fresh Takes! S2 Fresh!新登场2

Remember To Forget
45 Min

By Channel U Published: 24 Aug 2020 Audio: Chinese

Amnesic Hui Tian returns home and reconnects with her friend Ying Yue. She gradually remembers her relationship with Zhe Kai, from how they meet, to falling in love and being betrayed. Turns out the betrayal is a misunderstanding and she eventually finds out that these stories are her imagination. 为了寻找消失的记忆,慧恬回国重遇大学闺密颖月。透过一张照片和短讯,慧恬渐渐想起关于哲凯的爱情,从相识、相恋到感情遭遇背叛,慧恬最终解开对哲凯的误会,然而当慧恬清醒过来,这一切竟然只是她的幻想!

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