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Falling Into You 因为我喜欢你

Falling Into You 因为我喜欢你 - EP8

72 Min
Some Sexual Scenes

By meWATCH Published: 16 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

Zi Tong accepts Zhi Sheng's offer for the surgery, but hates not finishing what they started, so the company's competition continues. Zi Tong and Ming Huan are mulling by the office rooftop, stuck on their idea... but get inspired by You Zhi's presbyopia glasses, and have a breakthrough ! Zhi Sheng sees them celebrating, and is happy for them. 虽然子彤同意接受至胜的赞助,但仍然因讨厌半途而废,坚持继续参与至胜发起的比赛。公司天台上,陷入瓶颈的子彤和明焕因有志的老花眼而灵光一现,至胜见子彤这组顺利突破,颇感欣慰。

Falling Into You 因为我喜欢你
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