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By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃

By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃 - EP3

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 21 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Alex and Benjamin are a pair of 20-year-old twins with autism. As the mother of the twins, Melinda faced double the caregiving pressure when they were babies, as mothers of multiples do. When the boys were 2-year-old, Melinda could tell there was something not quite usual with them... they didn't react to anything and threw many tantrums because they couldn't express their needs. When specialists confirmed the boys' conditions, both Melinda and her husband were devastated. Most parents experience stress, but for those raising children with autism, everyday life often brings Stress with a capital S.对一般母亲来说,生育双胞胎是喜悦的,但连带也是双重的压力,得同时兼顾两个婴儿的需求并不是一件容易的事。对美玲而言,双胞胎儿子约两岁的时候被怀疑是自闭症,那个打击更是加倍的沉重。眼见孩子无法沟通,不能克制的发脾气,夫妻俩是一筹莫展,几乎崩溃。为了便于照顾儿子,美玲辞掉了教职,转当补习老师,每天在各个补习的时段中抽时间跑回家确保孩子没出状况。长年的来回奔波,让她感到无比的疲劳、无助,一度还很绝望。尽管如此,她从没想过要放弃。双胞胎现年20岁了,妈妈早已摸索出一套方式来教导他们。她希望藉由自己的经历,鼓励其他的父母不要封闭有特许需求的孩子,他们就跟普通的孩子一样,需要玩乐、社交,更需要被爱、被关怀。

By Your Side 谢谢你不离不弃
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