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Break Free 曙光

Break Free 曙光 - EP30

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 03 May 2013 Audio: Chinese

Shishi worries when she is unable to find Tianming. Yongcheng defeats Xiaotian after a fight and leaves. Shishi turns up and sees Xiaotian dead in the pool. She unwittingly leaves footprints on the bloodstains. Shishi seeks help from Haolong, as she suspects it was Tianming who killed Xiaotian. She regrets not heeding Haosong’s advice. Shishi goes to the police station and sees Yongcheng there. He has admitted to killing Xiaotian. Tianming urges Haolong to help Yongcheng. The police suspect it was Shishi who pushed Xiaotian into the water. Full synopses can be found in 8 DAYS.

Break Free 曙光
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