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Body SOS S9 小毛病大问题 9

Body SOS S9 小毛病大问题 9 - EP3

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

Approximately6-8% of people will have acute appendicitis in their lifetime ! This episode, we will find out: 1.Is vomiting a symptom of appendicitis ? 2.Will exercising immediately after meal cause appendicitis ? 3.Can appendicitis be treated with antibiotics ? 阑尾炎,也就是的俗称盲肠炎;据估,6-8% 的人一生中会患急性盲肠炎!今天的控状是: 1.呕吐 是盲肠炎的症状?2.饭后运动,会导致盲肠炎?3.抗生素 能治盲肠炎?

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