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Bittersweet Love 柠檬苦茶

Bittersweet Love 柠檬苦茶 - EP1

8 Min

By meWATCH Published: 26 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

Beauty influencer Qingxuan is shocked to see her mother, Emily, at her doorstep. She has to take Emily in but they keep getting into conflicts due to vastly different habits. What irks Qingxuan most, is the fact that Emily keeps forcing her to drink up a horribly bitter lemon herbal tea. 彩妆网红晴萱非常意外轻微失智的母亲艾美丽突然出现在她家门口。嘴硬心软的她虽然不欢迎美丽,但还是尽责地照顾她的起居饮食。然而,最让她受不了的,是美丽一而再地熬煮非常难喝的柠檬苦茶逼她喝。

Bittersweet Love 柠檬苦茶
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