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Best Friends Forever 致2020的我们

Best Friends Forever 致2020的我们 - EP1

28 Min
Some Sexual References

By meWATCH Published: 03 Apr 2020 Audio: Chinese

Si Ya, Yun Xi and Zi Ying used to be best friends in university. However, the three of them became estranged 10 years ago because of a guy named Romeo. In order to win the favour of Yun Xi, Bao Yu, the owner of a spicy hot pot restaurant, tried all sorts of methods to get Da Ming and Ouyang to invite Si Ya and Zi Ying to attend the university reunion party. The three women finally met again… 思雅、芸汐和姿颖曾是大学的好闺蜜,然而,十年前却因一个叫Romeo的男人,让三女形同陌路。十年后,女强人思雅,为人妻姿颖和明艳动人又时尚的芸汐,又跟“Romeo”这个名字扯上关系。火锅店老板宝玉,要达明和欧阳邀姿颖和思雅出席大学同学会,并保证Romeo会出席。三女在大学同学会上重逢 ……

Best Friends Forever 致2020的我们
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