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Be My Guest S2 我。董。你 2

Be My Guest S2 我。董。你 2 - EP3

Benz Hui: Destined to Play Supporting Role
46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Feb 2020 Audio: Chinese

In his more than 40 years career in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, veteran actor Benz Hui acted in many roles; of these roles, the most remembered one has to be a triad leader role “Big Brother Foon Hei” in TVB drama “The Line Walker”. In this episode, presenter Tung Soo Hua flies to Hong Kong to see for herself how popular he is among ordinary Hong Kongers. And back in Singapore, she tests Benz, a long-time Singapore permanent resident, his knowledge of local food. 许绍雄是香港影视界的常青树,40多年的演艺生涯虽都是演出配角,但还是在2014年凭电视剧《使徒行者》中的大配角角色“欢喜哥”攀上事业高峰。在《我董你2》中,主持人董素华到香港感受许绍雄的“入屋”程度,还与他一家庆祝独生女大学毕业。成为新加坡永久居民多年,许绍雄在新加坡接受了董素华的本地美食认识测试。

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