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All Around You 回路网

All Around You 回路网 - EP2

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 01 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Popular female actress Siyu becomes embroiled in a cheating scandal, eventually turning to Shadow for help. Through investigations, Xintong unveiled the truth, helping Siyu restore her image and reputation. Another incident involves a bakery shop in crisis, as negative image spirals out of control online after consumers found dead lizards in the bakery’s bread. Disagreement on how to handle the problem and save the failing bakery leads to much friction between father, son and niece. 当红女艺人马思羽卷入小三丑闻,找Shadow帮忙。欣彤却揭发真正的小三是思羽的好友可儿,帮思羽挽回形象。面包店发生面包里藏有死壁虎事件,网友纷纷讨伐。老板文添的儿子找Shadow帮忙,但文添不认同欣彤提出的解决方案,拂袖而去。

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