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All Around You 回路网

All Around You 回路网 - EP1

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 01 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Xintong, Baobao and Weiren work together in a web PR company named “Shadow”, helping clients deal with online and social media crises. Xintong crosses path with Shiyang, who works as a part-time waiter, when he becomes entangled in an online bullying incident. Xintong and the team engages a slew of online social media techniques, flipping online opinions and reversing the crisis with ease. Inspired by the event, Shiyang decides to join Shadow. 欣彤、宝宝和维仁在一家网络危机处理公司Shadow工作,帮人们解决网络霸凌纠纷。侍应生陈世洋无意中得罪顾客,顾客在网上抹黑餐馆,指餐馆服务差,导致世洋被辞退。欣彤在网络上制造话题,轻易帮世洋扭转情势,最后世洋也加入Shadow。

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