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18 - EP1

42 Min
Graphic Visuals

By meWATCH Published: 31 Mar 2020 Audio: English

18 is a suspenseful homicide psychological thriller that follows maverick high-flyer detective Selene De Cruz and her by-the-book junior partner Wee as they hunt down the Killer, a twisted killer committing murders inspired by the cruel punishments meted out to souls in Hell. As murder after bizarre murder comes to light, public speculation becomes national paranoia; and the pair must race against time to profile the killer, decode his motives, and prevent more victims being ‘punished’. However, the deeper they delve into this killer’s mind, the more the slippery morality of the case threatens to destroy their partnership and their sanity. For more alternate perspective of 18, listen to ‘Killing Time’. A podcast series on meLISTEN that takes a deeper look at the backstories and their psyches. https://www.melisten.sg/podcast/playlist/Killing-Time-Podcast-12577672

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