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14 Days 14天的同居人

14 Days 14天的同居人 - EP1

7 Min

By meWATCH Published: 26 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

Edwin and Allen are colleagues from different department. Since they are both back from business trip at the same time, the company arranges the two to be placed under quarantine in the same private resort. The two strangers of different personalities have conflicts ever since the first day of their stay together. Edwin与Allen是不同部门的同事,两人不约而同从美国出差回来,公司为了安全起见,安排两人到私人度假屋隔离。Edwin个性大剌剌不拘小节,而Edwin则生性爱干净;两个性格南辕北辙的陌生人,打从第一天同居,就擦出了矛盾。

14 Days 14天的同居人
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