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Chateau De La Reine

A struggling tour agency conspires to double-book suites at the famous Chateau de la Reine in a ridiculous yet profitable scheme to save themselves from bankruptcy.



A mysterious conductor shows a once-disbanded orchestra a new world of music.


Love Reborn

In this Indonesian dramedy, things go awry when an online comic seemingly based on real-life characters goes viral.



A heartbroken and demoted Japanese magazine editor is sent to Taiwan to cover a cycling event and gets more than she bargained for.


Sweet Sixteen

In this bittersweet love story involving three men and one woman, things turn sour when one of them commits an injustice towards her.


Thicker Than Water

A pair of bickering brothers meet two squabbling sisters, and the tensions of their life-long rivalries both come to a head in a bittersweet comedy-drama.


A Resistance

A true story of a young girl’s resistance to her oppressors as she joins in the Korean independence movement.


The House Where The Mermaid Sleeps

When a couple receive news of their daughter falling into a coma after an accident, they are forced to make the most important decision of their lives.


后备甜心 It Had To Be You

Romantic comedy starring Ekin Cheng and Karen Lam as unlucky-in-love platonic co-workers. Will they realise their mistakes and open their hearts to true love?


Hot Road

Hot Road follows the melodramatic romance of two teens, Kazuki and Hiroshi as they face their own difficulties that threaten to keep them apart.

On Now

Princess Jellyfish

A timid, jellyfish-loving illustrator befriends the cross-dressing son of a politician.


L-dk: Two Loves, Under One Roof

Plain Jane high-schooler Aoi Nishimori’s life gets turned upside down when the cousin of her secret “school prince” boyfriend moves in with them.


Beautiful Voice

A group of passionate voice actors attempts a massive undertaking – finishing a project in just one day. What can go wrong?



Jae-young is hopeful that his days of being bullied are over when the school’s mob leader gets hospitalised, but things turn out worse than before.

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