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重启阴阳魔界 The Twilight Zone S1 05: The Wunderkind - EP5

A down-on-his-luck campaign manager (John Cho) is determined to get a kid (Jacob Tremblay) elected as the President of the United States. 倒霉的营销经理(周约翰饰)决心要让一个小男孩(雅各布布特伦布雷饰)当选美国总统。


半夜鬼上床:梦杀 A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

Freddy Krueger, the razor-fingered iconic killer who haunts the dreams of teenagers and kills them in their sleep, returns to everyone's nightmares. 千万不要睡着,因为佛莱迪又回到所有人的恶梦中。这个手持利刃的经典杀手一向出现在青少年的恶梦中,并夺取性命。只要能忍住不睡,就可以保护彼此。


登峰造击 Million Dollar Baby

A boxing trainer makes an exception to train a female boxing hopeful, who is determined not to abandon her one dream. 拳击教练法兰奇破例收充满潜力、绝不放弃梦想的女拳击手玛吉为徒。


狱前教育 Get Hard

A raucous comedy about an easy-living man getting ready to do hard time after he is nailed for fraud and sentenced to a ten-year jail term. 这出热闹的喜剧描写生活优渥的基金经理人因诈欺被判十年徒刑,找人帮忙让自己变得够”强悍”以度过牢狱生活。


1997悍将奇兵 Breakdown

A man desperately searches for his wife after she gets bizarrely kidnapped in the Southwest desert. 杰夫泰勒本是忙碌的都市人,为了散心,决定开车横越美国西南部前往圣地亚哥,未料车子抛锚在无名之地...


刺杀杰西 The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

The final days of the legendary outlaw Jesse James is told through the eyes of Robert Ford in this Oscar®-nominated film. 布莱德彼特以本片获威尼斯最佳男主角奖。改编自真人事迹,大盗杰西的事迹广为19世纪美国百姓传颂,他是侠盗罗宾汉,也是杀人不眨眼的强盗,布莱德彼特精湛演技重现这位19世纪美国最出名的神枪手的传奇.


迫切的任务 True Crime

A troubled investigative reporter searches for the truth to get a wrongly-condemned convict acquitted. 本片是金奖导演兼演技派演员克林伊斯威特所执导的第21部电影。


战后启示录 Quarry S1 07: Carnival Of Souls - EP7

The Broker enlists Mac to take down a top drug dealer; Olsen follows up on his suspicions. 经纪人雇用麦克打击一名大毒枭;奥森对他的怀疑采取行动。


战地魔兽 Manticore

A US Army squad comes face to face with a living weapon, awakened from its slumber by a terrorist leader trying to drive out the Americans at all costs. 在解放伊拉克行动中,一支美军部队潜入当地却发现村民早已被一只具有超强杀伤力的魔兽屠杀殆尽。这只自长年沈睡中被唤醒的魔兽,成为恐怖份子首脑对抗美军的邪恶武器。


拆车厂的朝阳 Chop Shop (2015)

A former car thief finds himself drawn back his old ways after being released from prison. 职业汽车窃贼波特和凯恩的友谊受到了考验,当其中一人终究背叛另一人时,两人对彼此的忠诚也将走向终点。


致命一击 Shot In The Heart

This HBO film gives a different perspective to the 1977 execution of Gary Gilmore, following Gary's brothers as it explores the impact of being related to a killer. 这出HBO自制电影对1977年盖瑞吉尔摩死刑案提供不同的观点,片中透过盖瑞的兄弟探索身为死刑犯亲友所受到的冲击。


电影幕后故事 Making The Movies S1 13 - EP13

The ‘Behind the Scenes’-Movie magazine tells you all there is to know about how films come to life. 《电影幕后故事》呈现台前幕后电影拍摄的独家花絮,以及完成一部电影所需的一切。

On Now

史密斯任务 Mr. & Mrs. Smith

A married assassin couple has no clue about each other’s profession until they are assigned to take down each other. 一对杀手夫妻从来都不知道他们枕边人的秘密身份-直到各自接到任务,必须击倒对方!


地狱怪客 Hellboy

He's seven feet tall, bright red, and he's got horns and a tail. And he's out to fight the forces of evil. 他有七呎高,是一个红色小婴孩,头上有角,还长了尾巴。他极力对抗任何邪恶势力。


毁灭战士:灭绝 Doom: Annihilation

When an ancient portal unleashes a swarm of bloodsucking and soul-stealing beasts, it's up to Lieutenant Joan Dark and an elite unit of Marines to destroy them and save humanity. 一个古老通道竟是通往地狱的入口,因此释放出一群意图偷走所有人类灵魂的恶灵。如今必须依靠乔安达克中尉率领的海军陆战队精英小队摧毁这群偷窃灵魂的嗜血怪物,阻止他们占领地球。


战略杀手 The Peacemaker

When a terrorist threatens Manhattan with a nuclear onslaught, all hope lies with a colonel and a White House nuclear expert. 恐怖份子锁定曼哈顿为其引爆核子弹头的目标,此时所有的希望全系在陆军上校托马斯与白宫核武专家茱莉博士的身上。

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