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台湾1001个故事 Taiwan's 1001 Stories - EP 2

(R) Hosted by Bai Xinyi, this food programme introduces Taiwan's traditional cuisines, their ingredients and spices. It also discloses touching stories behind the cuisines. (重) 这几年,台湾很风行环岛旅行。环岛的目的,有的是挑战自己的体能,有的是挑战自我的心志,也有人寻找生命的意义,就像这个年轻人,四个月的旅行下来,他决定回到家乡屏东,开了一个炸豆腐摊。浓浓的文青风格和独特的配料,都融入他旅途中的情思与风景。


为何那样,奉尚先生 Liver Or Die - EP 23

(R)(Dual Language - Mandarin and Korean) Liangxin tells her boyfriend about the money she receives from Fenshi. Liangxin changes her mind about donating her liver and escapes from the hospital. She rushes home and discovers that her boyfriend has ran off with the money. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩) 良心跟男友说她收了钱,要捐肝给奉尚。捐肝当天,男友没有出现在医院陪良心。良心害怕,在最后一刻反悔,从医院逃跑,回家查看时发现男友已经把钱偷走了。


为何那样,奉尚先生 Liver Or Die - EP 24

(R)(Dual Language - Mandarin and Korean) Hushang finds out that Liangxin had sold her to a nightclub when she was just a child. If not for Fengshang who saved her, Huasheng could have led a miserable life. Huashang finally agrees to donate her liver to Fengshang. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩) 华尚找夜总会经理查证,发现当年良心到处借钱,把她当成担保卖给别人。最后,奉尚签了卖身契才把华尚救出来。这些事华尚一直不知道,如今知道后,立刻飞奔到医院,说愿意跟静尚一起捐肝。


好货驾到 Deals For Joy - EP 28

Mopping your floor will no longer be a chore if you have the right mop! Ultimo神奇双用拖把 - 能湿用能干用的神奇拖把,让你清理家居事半功倍!


好货驾到 Deals For Joy - EP 35

Enjoy the comfort of an adjustable bed! 体验一下可调整床褥高度的充气床。


好货驾到 Deals For Joy - EP 37

8 Kitchen appliances in 1! 八合一超级电锅为你节省烹饪时间!


好货驾到 Deals For Joy - EP 26

Is there really a tumbler that can maintain the temperature of your hot and cold drinks for a long time? Find out how amazing this tumbler is. 真的有长效保冷以及储热的杯子吗?一起看看它有多神奇。


好货驾到 Deals For Joy - EP 22

A good wok is a great addition to your kitchen! 韩国锅具组让你减少用油量也可无油烹调,享受低热量的健康料理!


好货驾到 Deals For Joy - EP 11

How can you clean your home without using a single drop of detergent? Let our hosts show you how! H2O FX多功能蒸汽清洁机 - 无需消毒水即能消毒杀菌的蒸汽清洁器,也许能满足你的家务需求!


好货驾到 Deals For Joy - EP 34

Take your workout to the next level! 懒人甩肉运动机让你站着感受运动乐趣。


梦想的声音 3 Sound Of My Dream S3 - EP 6

(R) A music variety where a number of talented singers, amateur or otherwise are given the chance to "challenge" a celebrity tutor by singing one of the celebrity's songs. In exchange, the celebrity is assigned one of four randomly selected songs and has three hours to come up with a cover performance of this song. (重) 与上季相同,基本模式为星素挑战,由追梦歌手对导师发起讨教(挑战)。但在第三季开始,选歌模式已经更换为第一季的模式,可是选择权是由参赛者说“开始”的时候,只要喊“停”,那一首歌曲就是讨教老师要唱的歌。和第一季不一样的是,每一首歌都有关键词。如果进行第二轮讨教,是没有任何的关键词。时间也从之前的6个小时改成3个小时。据华少声称,如果“惊”曲榜里的歌曲原唱者是导师的话,讨教歌手若是选择原唱者导师,将会带来的难度和风险更大,最终导致讨教失败。这一季的歌手包括林俊杰,王嘉尔,胡彦斌,张靓颖,谭维维 等。


行李箱 Luggage - EP 7

(R) This week, Thomas will see how a charity organisation in Pattaya, Thailand, does that for 850 handicapped, impoverished, orphaned, abused and abandoned kids and adults. With endless school lessons, care and therapy needed, where does Thomas even begin? (重) 非洲有句谚语:“养育一个孩子,需借全村人之力"。这一集,主持人王沺裁将拜访泰国芭堤雅一家慈善组织,亲身感受照料850名残疾、贫困、遭遗弃或虐待的孩童和成人,需要付出多少努力。这里天天有好多课程要进行,医疗和日常看护也是每时每刻都需要的。沺裁该从何帮忙起?就从伸出一双手,扶持一个人,一步一步开始吧!他将跟随一整个团队,踏上一趟需要全方位投入的关怀之旅。


Fresh!新登场2 - 寻 Fresh Takes! S2 - The Search - EP 1

(R) Carrie starts receiving anonymous videos from the past which reveal shocking details leading up to her best friend's mysterious disappearance 10 years ago. Haunting memories of her past force her to track down the truth, leading her to uncover a dark secret kept by the one closest to her. (PG)(重) 剪辑师Carrie突然收到多段匿名影片,近而发现影片与自己儿时好友Amber的失踪案有关。Carrie决定寻找Amber失踪的真相,却发现真相的另一端竟是个不可告人的秘密。


节庆。风味 A Taste Of Festival - EP 2

(R) The different Chinese dialect groups have different traditional CNY dishes. The Hokkiens enjoy steamboat, Fried Mee Sua & Ngoh Hiang while the Hainanese cannot miss their Chap Chye during CNY. Let's learn to cook Buddha Jumps Over the Wall & Steamed Fish Maw with Chef KT & a home chef respectively. (重) 不同籍贯的华人,有着不同的传统年菜。福建人会在新年享用暖炉、福建炒面线和五香肉卷等等美食,而海南人的餐桌上则少不了海南杂菜。主持人不仅请来厨师杨建忠指导烹煮佛跳墙,也拜访家厨一窥海南年菜蒸鱼鳔的做法。


无肉不欢 Meat And Greed 2 - EP 8

(R) Meat & Greed travels to the Far East, and enjoys a Japanese feast! From braised beef that melts in your mouth, deliciously grilled unagi, sizzling Hamburg steaks, and a refined Shabu Shabu experience, we relish what the land of the rising sun has to offer! (重)《无肉不欢2》将带您寻找更多更美味的肉类菜肴! 让美食家和艺人为您介绍鲜嫩多汁的炭烤美食、汉堡、海鲜料理。。。保证让您食指大动!


我的爱只属于你 You Are The Only One - EP 13

(R)(Dual Language - Mandarin and Korean) Huili tells Xiujuan that she will cause Duyuan so much misery that she will leave Zhijian. Xiujuan worries for Duyuan and urges her to break up with Zhijian. Dejiu knows that Xiujuan worries more for herself than Duyuan. He tells Xiujuan that he will make sure Duyuan marries Zhijian successfully. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩) 惠莉告诉秀娟她将让度媛跌入万丈深渊,不敢再接近志健。秀娟担心度媛,约她见面,屡劝度媛跟志健分手,还要德九帮忙劝度媛。德九知道秀娟其实是担心自己多过担心度媛,觉得秀娟卑鄙无耻,誓言要让度媛跟志健结婚。


我的爱只属于你 You Are The Only One - EP 14

(R)(Dual Language - Mandarin and Korean) Bingtai checks on Duyuan and stumbles upon a great discovery. He realises that Xiujuan is actually Duyuan's biological mother and that her real name is Chi Jizi. (PG)(重)(双声道-中/韩) 炳泰找人调查度媛,发现秀娟原来是度媛的亲生母亲。炳泰发现这个天大的秘密后,开心不已,继续调查,发现秀娟的本名是“池吉子"。


你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇 All Is Well - Taiwan - EP 17

(R) Wei Yun discovers that the article she has written has been taken down. This affects her confidence level and harbours the thought of resigning from her job. Eric notices Wei Yun packing her luggage and points out that she is only avoiding the issue. Wei Yun criticises Eric for just wanting to return to the bank to earn a stable income by being a white-collar professional. Eric is hurt and leaves, leaving Wei Yun feeling vexed. (PG)(重) 维芸发觉自己写的新闻稿被撤下,信心被打击,萌生辞职的念头。她在收拾行李时被Eric看见,Eric理智地点出维芸是在逃避。维芸批评Eric也只不过想回银行当个安稳的白领阶级而已,Eric受伤离开,留下维芸独自懊恼。


你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇 All Is Well - Taiwan - EP 18

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

(R) Eric tells Wei Yun that her supervisor was blackmailed over nude photos and had to forsake journalistic ethics and integrity as a result. Wei Yun is touched when Eric says he is willing to be interviewed by her for the hacking case, even if it means that he is unable to return to work at the bank. Eric intends to confess his feelings to Wei Yun but backs out in the end. (PG-部分画面令人不安)(重) Eric告诉维芸,她报社的主管侯主任是受裸照威胁,才会抛弃新闻人的正义。Eric说自己能让维芸采访,写出盗领案的完整报道,就算无法回去银行上班也没关系,维芸感动。Eric打算想向维芸告白,但话始终没有说出口。


歌手·当打之年 Singer 2020 - EP 11

The new season of the Chinese variety "Singer" is back with more electric performances from singers such as Jam Hsiao, Hua Chenyu, Zhou Shen, Misia and Lala Hsu etc. 《歌手·当打之年》是湖南卫视推出的音乐竞技节目。该节目的首发歌手为华晨宇、Misia、萧敬腾、徐佳莹、袁娅维、毛不易、周深,由萧敬腾担任该节目的音乐串讲人。节目每期邀请专业歌手进行歌唱竞赛,并提供平等竞技舞台。赛制在基础上作出了重大革新,取消了原有的补位和踢馆机制,设立全新的奇袭赛制。


妒海 Sea of Greed 2019 - EP 9

Weini finds out that the ring is very similar to the one Aikenlin gave his wife. She grows suspicious of Xiaoqing's background (PG) 薇妮发现戒指与当年艾肯林送给他妻子的很相似,于是对小晴的身世产生了怀疑。


妒海 Sea of Greed 2019 - EP 10

Weini does not find Tianen at his house but instead sees Yueru there. She panics and hastily asks the driver to send her back to the hotel. (PG) 薇妮回到天恩的家没找到天恩,却看见了月如。她震惊之下乱了阵脚,连忙叫司机赶快开车回酒店。


晚间新闻 News Tonight - EP 128

A comprehensive half-hour news programme, NEWS TONIGHT provides viewers with important local, international and financial developments for the day. U频道《晚间新闻》,在半小时里除深入报道本地与国际要闻,还有详尽的财经新闻和体坛动态。世界局势与经济动脉,让大家轻松掌握。


我的打架之路 Fight For My Way - EP 19

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

(R)(Dual Language - Mandarin and Korean) Xuexi is touched when Zhuwan protected her from hot coal from a toppled burner but got himself burnt as a result. Dongwan lost his hearing after Zhuoxiu played dirty during their kickboxing match. (PG-部分画面令人不安)(重)(双声道-中/韩) 服务员把烤肉的碳弄翻,柱万替雪熙挡了一块火红的碳后被烫伤,雪熙十分感动。在一场格斗赛,东万被卓修暗伤,导致自己突然失聪!

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